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17 to 70

In the realm of creation, where each collection breathes life into our present stance and cultural influences, the 17 to 70 range emerges, a tapestry woven with meaning and purpose. It dances with the passing of time, transcending the boundaries of age. This ageless collection of separates embodies our philosophy that great design knows no limits, adorning bodies from 17 to 70 and beyond, reinventing itself as wearers age and their lives evolve. It beckons to the curious souls of a seventeen-year-old, just as it enchants the seasoned wisdom of a seventy-year-old. We are not bound by age; our designs are for all who choose to embark on this joyous journey of self-expression through the art of dressing.


Nurtured by the essence of Ubuntu, we found inspiration in the profound philosophy of matauranga Maori and the principles of Kaitaikitanga. It compelled us to contemplate the legacy mindset, Whakapapa ( heritage and long term thinking), from the Maori perspective. How can our actions shape tomorrow and the tomorrows that follow? How can we leave this earth better than we found it? Thus, our aim for this collection was to birth designs that stood boldly on their own, each with its own story, yet seamlessly harmonizing with every other piece. A testament to interconnection, for we are all fragments of a greater whole, united yet individually driven by purpose.


This collection embodies the call for slower, more mindful design, heralding a paradigm shift away from ranges and coordinates, embracing standalone pieces. It marries the street style aesthetic of our former 2K brand and the bohemian gypsy elements of Karishma, upholding the core principles that guide our craft. However, there is a profound difference. We now embrace a gentler approach, intertwining our already slow cathedral, steeped in heritage, with the audacity to push the boundaries of universal design thinking. Ageless expression and transformational design remain our guiding stars, with our bodies serving as canvases, entwined with the spiritual connection to the earth. But now, a new facet emerges.


Crafted from waste textiles sourced in the heart of Sri Lanka, a titan in textile production, the 17 to 70 range champions sustainability. In a land where the textile industry generates vast amounts of waste, a second-tier economy emerged, selling these remnants and deadstock textiles to small businesses and locals. It is from this wellspring that our garments find their essence, carried to life by a team of skilled artisans and an extraordinary pattern maker in the humble village of Pillyandala, nestled outside of Columbo.


The 17 to 70 range weaves a tale  of interconnectedness, and of conscious creation. It embodies the ethos of Karishma Design, inviting wearers to embark on a transformative journey, where fashion transcends age, and the thread of ethics binds us all.


NZ Eco Fashion Week, Wellington, 2015 (Image)

Pasifika Fusion Fashion Show, 2016 

Pop up exhibitions in Tamaki Makaro: Ponsonby Central, True Yoga

Studio events included mending, styling using the miraculous me toolkit, upcycling and recycling.

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