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An Unusual Design Enterprise

Karishma Design, is a social enterprise disrupting the fashion industry through ethical, holistic practises, rooted in indigenous wisdoms, focused on new systems design in education, enterprise, craft preservation and regenerative, universal design. This enterprise structure, deeply rooted in indigenous practices of Ubuntu and the Hindu philosophy of Dharma, led Kelsey to develop and run a successful social enterprise, where she worked with artisanal communities and micro-businesses across Southern Africa, Asia and the Pacific, empowering communities to tell their stories and help her co-create new stories.These ranges were often political, aimed to educate and bring awareness through culture.  Her work culminated in skills development workshops and micro-community businesses strategically set up and owned by the community for the community, led by women. Driven by the need for equity and a thriving world, Kelsey teaches business enterprise through a systems thinking lens, focused on the embedding of old wisdom with a focus on degrowth and wellbeing economics into mainstream education in New Zealand. Her most recent project focuses on the decolonisation of fashion through the spiritual intersection of creativity and style,called Miraculous Me.

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