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Building an Activist Ecology

Fashion Act Now

Active member and contributor

Most recent contribution has been at the Multilogue 2023 Berlin

Our mission is to challenge and transform the values behind our clothing systems, acknowledging that the throughput of the fashion industry needs to be reduced by 75-95%.

Fashion Act Now urges a crisis response to dismantle the dominant globalised Fashion system predicated on growth, oppression and planned obsolescence. It calls that response Defashion, the role that Fashion must play in degrowth.

Defashion is a transition to post-fashion clothing systems that are regenerative, local, fair, nurturing and sufficient for the needs of communities.  


For more info please go to :


Image from Learnings Paper Prepsentation with Sara Arnold and Sarah Ditty , Berlin 2023

Image of the team in Berlin, 2023

Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion

The Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion (UCRF) was formed in 2018 by Kate Fletcher, Lynda Grose, Timo Rissanen and Mathilda Tham (in alphabetical order).

We are now a self-funded, fully independent global community of over 200 researchers and fashion practitioners working for systems change in the fashion sector, as embodied in our Manifesto.

My role in at UCRF is as co- secretary . My  active projects include  leading the Earth Shot Awards nomiation team for UCRF and co leading the Policies and Social Change group. The group works on different sub projects , such as an alternative matrix to the current LCA- based tools that dominate, and issues policy issues such as measures that will actually help to degrow the sector and enab le a just transition, 


The following link is an introduction video on what  us at UCRF


For more information on the union and our work . Please head to our website.

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