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The Saratoga

Definition:  A one piece Sari like garment, mimicking the look and drape of a sari. Inspired by the  Khanga, Kente and the sari , reflecting our modernity of th classical satorial styles of ancient India and majestic africa.

The embodiment of the fold


In the heart of our vibrant South Africa, where cultures intertwine,

There lies a range called the Saratoga, a tapestry divine.

A folding of intergenerational mixing, a fusion of Afro-Indian histories,

In its folds and creases, a testament to our shared mysteries.


Just as our nation is a melting pot, a rainbow blending hues,

The Saratoga unfolds and refolds, adapting to the wearer's muse.

Crafting new stories in each crease, an unfolding kaleidoscope of tales,

Undulating with movement, the fabric whispers and unveils.


A draped and folded garment, the Saratoga's essence it conveys,

A sartorial style of Indian African goddess, in its regal displays.

The traditional 9-yard sari meets the Khanga and Kente of Africa's fame,

A roman toga reborn, a modern Saratoga, its honor reclaimed.


A one-piece dress-like structure, easy to wear and embrace,

Marrying functionality and practicality, with elegance and grace.

Rooted in our shared narrative of exploration and technological pride,

The Saratoga symbolizes our heritage, a connection to the past that won't hide.


Through interweaving and intergenerational folding, majestic continents unite,

Two rich histories spanning centuries, now intertwined and held tight.

Draped into one glorious, deep future, the Saratoga takes its stand,

A symbol of the present and a bridge to the past, crafted by skillful hands.


To be Afro-Indian is to live and design from the space between,

From the folds that hold secrets, a realm yet to be seen.

Deceptively simple in its shape, until one delves into the depths it conceals,

The Saratoga reveals the beauty within, a story it gently reveals.


Neither solely African nor Indian, but both worlds it holds dear,

Folded and draped, it takes new form, banishing any fear.

Inspiring a future that is bright, while honoring the heritage we share,

The Saratoga is a testament to the dual ifaletu we wear.


In its intricate folds and interwoven threads, a saga comes alive,

The Saratoga, a masterpiece of cultures, it's our collective strive.

Embrace its embrace, wear its embrace, and let its stories be told,

For within the Saratoga's folds, our African and Indian spirits unfold.


By Karishma Kelsey


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