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Enlighten State Of Zen

Styling Details: Leather, luggage clasps, quilting, O shapes

Design Elements: Quilting, tiled effects, volcanic lava

In the ever-evolving journey of rewilding, a captivating design project emerges, beckoning us into a transformative realm known as the Enlighten State of Zen. This visionary creation encapsulates not only the brand's metamorphosis but also represents a profound shift for people of color in apartheid South Africa. It mirrors a new dimension, a realm of emptiness and Is-ness, where the essence of being flows effortlessly.


Much like the graceful arts of yoga, tai-chi, and kendo, the Enlighten State of Zen embraces clothing for movement. It becomes an extension of the body, mirroring its every motion. Loose O-shapes and folding monk-inspired silhouettes take form, embracing the notion of fluidity. Voluminous draped pants epitomize freedom of expression, as the body navigates space with an unrestrained elegance.


The color palette holds a symbolic significance, with orange representing the fire spirit. This vibrant hue embodies the essence of creative rebirth, allowing for transformative shifts and continuous flow. The collection's garments stand as a testament to letting go of the past, an acceptance and surrender that ignites a sense of forgiveness and liberation. They create a sensation of Ma, where the mind finds freedom and emptiness, enhanced by the artful shapes and drapes of each piece.


As the garments unfold, much like molten lava from a mighty volcano, they symbolize the release of the past's shackles. Orange threads weave through the fabric, embodying the breaking free from constraints. Deep purple and violet hues of rich brocades and linings stand as beacons of enlightenment. They invite us to explore the space of the 7th and 8th chakras, where peace and enlightenment reside.


The eruption of the volcano finds expression in the collection's A-line, triangular shapes found in pants, dresses, and stone-inspired accessories. It represents the culmination of the storm that engulfed our lives for years, now transmuted into the serene and tranquil state of Zen. Within this stillness, a quiet space emerges—a space ripe for creation, innovation, and self-expression. The fabrics crafted through quilting embody this newness, harmonizing the old with the new.


Dark petrol blue emerges as a profound voice, symbolizing the throat chakra and our center of communication. It leads us to the open third eye, represented by the regal hue of purple. The style itself exudes utilitarian sensibilities, offering transformative versatility in every piece. Longevity meets innovation as waste textiles find new life, and fastenings breathe fresh energy into the designs. Earth's fluidity is honored, emulating the harmonious flow of molten lava from deep within its roots.


The Enlighten State of Zen collection finds its inspiration in the minimalist concept of Ma—an openness, a sense of space and emptiness. It invites us into the realm of quietude and tranquility. Within this space, everything can become anything, a limitless expanse of possibilities. It transcends the boundaries of conventional definition, venturing into a space of No Thingness—a space where the Enlighten State of Zen is born.

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