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Militant Hippie

The Project

The range Militant Hippie encapsulated the essence of African resilience, harnessing the power of old uniforms and military-style accents to reaffirm our strength and determination. It emerged as a symbol of hope, serving as a reminder that we, as Africans, possess the extraordinary ability to transform the lessons of our tumultuous past into the very fabric of a new South Africa. Embarking on the journey toward a rainbow nation, we clung to the memories while releasing the burden of pain, forging a path toward a brighter future.


The styling details of Militant Hippie stood as a striking juxtaposition, reclaiming the military-style garments once synonymous with the oppressive right-wing Afrikaans regime. Born from the offspring of 70s Hippie parents, this range harmoniously blended the tough sartorial elements with the whimsical and free-spirited nuances of the hippie movement. In doing so, it became an ode to our dreams, a profound testament to our unwavering intention to reshape the identity of a new South Africa. Militant Hippie personified the metamorphosis of oppression into peace, beautifully articulating our unyielding resilience and determination.

Drawing inspiration from military and utility aesthetics, the range's styles boasted rugged  discarded fabrics retrieved from old military garments, parachutes, luggages clasps and old hiking gear, that symbolized the unyielding strength of our people and our deep-rooted connection to the land. They spoke volumes about our youthful rebellion, paying homage to remarkable women like Winnie Mandela, who defied the oppressors by utilizing clothing as a powerful means of expressing their political stance. As with all our other collections, Militant Hippie remained firmly grounded in the design philosophy that anything can embody everything and vice versa, signifying a jubilant celebration of boundless creativity.


Within the rich tapestry of South Africa's history, Militant Hippie wove itself as an impassioned thread with a clear purpose. It artfully embodied the duality of peace and the lingering memories of our turbulent past. As a tangible representation of our resolute quest for freedom of heart and mind, it served as a poignant reminder of the persecution we had endured. With each garment, we reclaimed our power, gracefully transforming a symbol of oppression into an emblem brimming with hope and liberation.


Militant Hippie transcended the boundaries of mere fashion; it boldly declared defiance, testifying to the extraordinary strength and resilience of the South African people. It carried the dreams and aspirations of a nation steadfastly pursuing unity and reconciliation. As we advanced into the future, guided by the invaluable lessons of our past, Militant Hippie remained a steadfast reminder of our collective potency and unwavering commitment to forging a new South Africa—one that wholeheartedly embraced diversity, harmony, and the indomitable spirit of its people.


Made in Taiwan

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