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Seed To Self

This hybrid research, design and education project in collaboration with Khamir ( an artisan collective in Kutch region Gujerath) and Holi Boli India. Khamir is an artisanal collective focused on preserving craft and indigenous wisdoms in Kutch. Holi Boli is a women's collective aimed at creating social restoration through education.


This ethnographic research aims to document the true cost of  of clothing, following  ancient  cotton growing to the making of garments to the user using them.

A journey into self, going back tot he origins of my ancestors and story of empowerment and resilience through Clothe.  The range looks at the true value of clothe and clothing,


Journeying back to my Indian heritage and to the home of Gandijee, the seed to self jjounrey starts as journey into my own origins and its interconnection with Satyagraha exploring the intersection of spirituality, clothe and opportunity for societal change through consciousness. 


Founder of Holi Boli and Karishma

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